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Comments from Government
Related Government Comments for SSC 2012

SSC - Security Sourcing Conference, with more professional and specific sourcing service, urgently prefered by those foreign security distributors to find right Chinese Manufacturers,  become the core sourcing tool of Global Security Companies to do business with China 

Feedback from Security Associations

Mr Liu Xiaochuan
The President of China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA)
"We have organized more than 12 large security exhibitions since CSPIA has established, including Security China Expo, Urban Security Expo etc, but we only find that SSC is the most specific sourcing conference for those global security companies to work with Chinese security partners."

"We witness the growth of the Conference. As the President of China Security and Protection Industry Association, we would still work hard to promote SSC to go forward further with our strength experience."
Also we strongly believe SSC 2009 would surely get a great success, in spite of Global Financial Crisis."

Selma Costa Crusco Migliori   
The National President of 
Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems ( ABESE)

"In 2010, we have firstly attend the 2010 Security Sourcing China Fair (SSC 2010), and this is also the first time for our ABESE to come to China. The purpose for our attending the event is mainly to understand China security market, and
also bring some of ABESEs Members to attend the event, offer more opportunities for ABESEs promotion and to promote the mutual exchange between ABESEs Members and CSPIA's".

"As the fast development of Brazil Security Market, and also under the driving of 2012 World Cup and 2010 Summar Olympic Game, Brazil has witnessed the big demand for the security products used in the big infrastructure. In order to meet such requirement, we especially take SSC 2010 as the try point to research China security market, and to help our Brazil companies to create more cooperators in China by SSC 2010."

"Actually, we have greatly achive the goal, and SSC 2010 have gave us such a platform to let us understand more about China market, and also let us witness many new products and technology in China recent year. We strongly believe that we would bring more Brazil companies to attend the another SSC 2011"

Mr Rashidi
The Vice President of Parkistan Forensic Industry Association

"From SSC 2008 and 2009, I found there are full range of professional security manufacturers and products available now in different cities of China. This time, many professional original Chinese manufacturers with high production capacity have been present at the Conference, especially all of the manufacturers with their high leaders to talk to the foreign participants, make the talk more efficient and decision making. China is a big electronic manufacturing platform. The quality is improving and price is very competitive. I hope our government will import more security products from China."

GB Singh
Former President of APSA India Chapter

"I am very moved by the big security sourcing conference, and which truly let more our india security distributors find new way for the business. In this event, I found a lot of new technologies, and new manufacturers that India companies have not met before. China' s market is a good opportunity for India. A lot of security products have already come into India. We can see the opportunity is enormous from security boast view, like Beijing, security is the most important factor for Olympic games. We hope that India local areas security could come to a higher level. "

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