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TOP VIP Guests Application for SSC 2013
TOP VIP Guests Application for SSC 2013
The 6th China International Security Sourcing Conference and Fair on
Public Safety and Security (SSC 2013)
July 30-31, 2013, Best Western - Shenzhen Pengfu Hotel hotel, P.R. China
Dateline: June 30th , 2013
SSC 2013 TOP100 VIP Guests Program (http://www.sscchina.com.cn/2013en/)
Company Name:                                                                                    
Attendee:                                            Title:                                          
Attendee:                                            Title:                                         
Attendee:                                            Title:                                         
What kinds of Products you are Interested:                                                                                                                                            
What Kinds of suppliers you want to meet:                                                                
Any international buyer who attend the SSC 2013 TOP100 VIP Program, they would enjoy the following 9 VIP benefits:    
1, Freely enjoy 1 VIP Table (150cm x 75cm) and 4 Chairs to establish a special ¡°BOOTH¡±
The organizer would freely provided any of the TOP100 VIP Guests with 1 VIP discussion table and 4 chairs in VIP Meeting area (Central area of suppliers booths), and the guests would show the ADVERTISEMENT POSTER there, to show their companies information and products they are sourcing, allow those China top suppliers to focus on them, and discuss the business with them, further promote them in China security industry.
During the SSC 2013, CSPIA would launch the TOP security suppliers lists in 2013, and also launch the suppliers who have won the New Technology Creative Awards in end of 2012, all of the VIP Guests would have opportunities to Face to Face talk to these suppliers. Also, under the recommendation of CSPIA, the VIP Guests would meet the high management of these suppliers, and directly talk to them about the distribution issues of their products in VIP Guests¡¯ area.
3, The VIP Guests would enjoy the Free Lunch during the event
The organizer would offer the Free Lunch (Buffet) for all of the VIP Guests during the show, with beautiful western and Chinese food in the Buffet, on July 30, 2013, would greatly save the accommodation cost for the VIP Guests.
9:00 AM, July 30, 2013, SSC 2013 Opening Ceremony of SSC 2013
All VIP Guests would be honorable invited to sit down in Front VIP Seats, and to attend Opening Ceremony of The 6th China International Sourcing Conference on Public Safety and Security (SSC 2013), held on 9:00 AM, July 30, 2013 in Best Western - Shenzhen Pengfu Hotel hotel.
9:30 AM, July 30, 2013, International Buyers¡¯ Presentation to source Qualified products
After the Opening Ceremony, some guests would have opportunities to make a 20 minutes Presentation to more than 300 suppliers who attend the conference to introduce the guest¡¯s company and products interests and requirements.
Freely enjoy 1 VIP discussion table (150CMx 75CM as one table) and 4 chairs to be as a ¡°Booth¡± in the VIP Meeting Area, to welcome the exhibitors and visitors to talk to you, and attend "Distributor Wanted Program" (Distribute special Chinese products in your country), to fast help the international distributors and retailers to find the right manufacturers in China.
Freely attend "Big Buyer Program" (Enjoy 30%-40% discount for the order during the Event), and to freely visit all of the top suppliers¡¯ booths of SSC 2013
9:30 AM ¨C 17:00 PM, July 31, 2013, Freely attend "China Security Factories Tour Program" in Guangzhou and Shenzhen
As you know, in China, 80% of the security and safety manufacturers and factories are located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, especially located in Shenzhen, almost any international buyer who come to China, he must arrange a travel to Shenzhen to visit the factories. Therefore, SSC 2013 would especially arrange 1 days for VIP Guests to visit China TOP Security factories in Shenzhen, on July 31, the organizer would arrange VIP Bus to bring VIP Guests to the CCTV, DVR, Alarming and other products factories have visiting.
5, Freely received full Conference and Show Materials during SSC 2013
Freely received one copy of ¡°2013 New Version China Security and Safety Source Guide¡±, and one copy of ¡°2013 Show Directory¡±, both of the books are fully in english, and you would find all of the China security suppliers information there.
6, Free Translator Service

English Translator: Organizer provides each group of the VIP Guests Delegation with one professional English translator fully For Free, the translator would together with the VIP Guests during the event, including help them to do the business negotiation with suppliers, and also help them for shoping, famous places visiting and other requirements.
Translation fee: fully free for VIP Guests
If you don¡¯t need English translator, but            (Other Language) during the conference, please kindly notify us before.
7, Discount Luxury Hotel Reservation for TOP VIP Guests
Best Western - Shenzhen Pengfu Hotel      ¡ï¡ï¡ï¡ï     Four Stars     
Web: http://www.pengfuhotel.com/en/
Room Type: Luxury King Room, with 1 King Bed or 2 Single Beds 
Address£ºNo. 6295 Baoan Blvd, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, P.R.C
We want to reserve                 Rooms (Room number), with Luxury King Room (1 King Bed or Twain Beds)
Check in                (Date)            Check out                (Date)
8, Free Airport pickup and drop off for TOP VIP Guests
On July 28 and July 29 of 2013, we would arrange the English spoken drivers and Luxury cars to pick the SSC 2013 TOP VIP Guests up in the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and drop off also available. The picking up time also could be adjusted as the VIP Guests' flight number and arriving time. 
Arrival Time:                                      Departure Time:                             
Flight No.:                         Contact:                         Mob:                  
If you are interested in attending the 2013 TOP100 VIP Visitors Dele
gation, pls kindly download the  TOP VIP Guests Application for SSC 2013.doc , and fillout and send the Form by fax or email to:
China Security and Protection Industry Association
Contact Person: John Chen
Tel: 0086-10-51920615      Fax: 0086-10-51920049    
China Security and Protection Industry Association
Add:Room 208,Hongyang Business Building,No.25,Nanbinhe Street,Xuanwu District,Beijing,China.
Tel: +86-10-51920615 Fax:+86-10-51920049 Email:international@bizcspia.com
Website: www.securitychina.com.cn