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China Anti-counterfeit Technology Association
The official supporter of SSC 2009 - China Anti-counterfeit Technology Association

China Anti-counterfeit Technology Association (hereinafter as CATA - China) is supported by Ministry of Public Security of PRC; its also a national first grade social association and registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security and relevant government departments, CATA - China organize and develop the research, development and promotion work on anti-counterfeiting technology across the country.

The main duties of CATA C China: 

1. Assisting the Government in implementing the principles and policies on management of anti-counterfeit technology products.

2. Organizing the assessment and display & promotion activities of anti-counterfeit technology products.

3. Providing the application guide and consult and other related activities of anti-counterfeit technology products for the companies researching and using anti-counterfeit technology.

4. Well-focused research, development, promotion of those anti-counterfeit technologies which is visible and inspected.

At present, the applicate anti-counterfeit technologies, promoted by the Association, have been widely used in various fields, including National statutory licenses, financial instruments, seals, printings, merchandise, etc. It plays a significant role in the promotion of socialist economic development and safeguarding social stability.

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