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Supported Association
Forensic Science Association of China

The official supporter of SSC 2011- Forensic Science Association of China

CFSA is responsible for recommending some Forensic Manufacturers for SSC 2011, all of the Munufacturers have urgent intention to open global market, and equiped with English Spoken Sales.

Forensic Science Association of China (hereinafter as CFSA) is approved by the Ministry of Public Security, and registered in Ministry of Civil Affairs. It was established in 1995, a professional social organization of the national criminal science and technology workers, under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security.

Duties of CFSA:

1. Closely combined with the central mission of public security work, and actively carry out the investigations and studies of criminal science and technology, proposing the recommendations on long-term development planning, technology policies, and legislation to the relevant business departments.

2. Organization of theoretical discussions and academic exchanges on Criminal Science and Technology. Carry out high-tech research and the development of special equipments, popularize new scientific research achievements, communicate scientific and technical information, and exchange practical experience.

 3. Undertake the commission of law enforcement agencies, organize the experts to inspect, identify and review the major or difficult cases. Demonstrate and achievements appraisal on the criminal science and technology projects.

4. Commissioned by the relevant departments, evaluate and test the qualification of Appraisers.

5. Organize the new technical training courses and technical seminars, promote the criminal technical staffs to update knowledge, improve professional quality, and popularizing the technical measures on preventing crime to the general public.

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