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SSC 2013 attended ISC West 2013, in Las Vegus

on April 10-12, 2013, we have especially arranged the show team to attend the biggest Security Exhibition in USA, called ISC West 2013, held in Las Vegus, totally 600 companies have attended the show.

In the show, we have made the special promotion events for the upcoming security fair, SSC 2013, held on July 30-31, 2013 in Shenzhe, and there meet more than 230 international buyers, and introduce SSC 2013 to them and invite to attend the fair in Shenzhen.

The China Pavilion organized in ISC West 2013

SSC 2013 Show Team to introduce the Fair to Mexico Buyers

SSC 2013 Show Team to invite India Buyer to attend the fair in Shenzhen

During SSC 2013, held on July 30-31, 2013 in Shenzhen, we would have more than 500 China original security suppliers to come to attend the fair, and show their 2013 new products to the International buyers, and also to face to face talk with the buyers for the International Agency issues in different countries.

The Newyork buyer to understand the SSC 2013 information, and have confirmed to attend the event in Shenzhen.

We welcome you to attend the fair, and to source the new products and suppliers you have interests.

The Columbia buyers to get information about SSC 2013, and promised to attend it on July 30-31, 213, in Shenzhen.

During the ISC West 2013, we have confirmed more than 55 big buyers from North America, and they have planed to attend the event on July 30-31, 2013, in Shenzhen, and now, we would send them the invitation for the fair.

If you have interests to attend the upcoming featured fair of SSC 2013, Please kindly contact us by: international@bizcspia.com to register to attend the event.

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