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Sourcing Product Lists
Full Rang of Product Lists Sourcing in New Tech 2017

CCTV Surveillance
Camera, image sensor, lenses, electric pan/tilt, CCTV, monitor, DVR, multi-channel switching equipment, and etc

Access Control System
Magnetic card, card reader, fingerprint identification, remote-sensing authentication, biometrical identification       
Security products used in resident community, schools, hospitals and Building Communication System
Community Security
Alarms System and Alarm Service
Infra-red alarm, wireless and microwave alarm, ultrasonic alarm, fiber-optic pressure alarm, magnetic-sensitive alarm, voice-operated alarm, video alarm, vehicle burglar alarm


Moving target Alarm and Positioning System

DVR Cards and DVR


Police Equipments, Communications and IT Applications
Interphone, walkie-talkie, optical connectors, data processing and transmission, mobile communication, GSM jammer, Video jammer, high security communication networks
  Security Hardware: Security Doors, Security locks, Security safes, bullet proof glass and etc.
Electronic Password Locks, safes, metal cabinets etc;
Fire and Rescue
2017 New Technology Promote and Awards for China Excellent Security Companies, is promising you full range of security products of China!
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