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Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems

The official supporter of SSC 2011- Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems (ABESE)

ABESE - Brazilian association of companies in electronic security systems

ABESE - Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems - is a national  business association, nonprofit organization, inorder to guide, promote, support and publicize the activities of its members, representing them publicly defending their rights and interests. If your business manufactures, distributes, sells, markets, monitors, installs, maintenance of equipment makes electronic security systems, provides services and consultancy in this field, it is accredited to join our organization.

The ABESE was founded by a group of Brazilian businessmen in the area of ​​electronic security in November 1995, the growing need of companies and individual owners maintain their assets adequately insured, material and human.

With strong growth and gaining more space and utility in day-to-day society, the market for electronic security systems grew 12%, closing 2010 with revenues of U.S. $ 1.680 billion, according to a survey by the Brazilian Association Corporate Electronic Security Systems (ABESE).

The numbers reflect the positive scenario in which the market is relatively new, but should expand its growth in coming years, either due to increased use of technology by the growing Brazilian middle class, whether due to market demand with major sports events in next year in the country, as well as the use of technology electronic security systems for public services.

To meet this demand, evaluates the President of ABESE, Carlos Progianti, the country is more than 12 000 companies in the sector generating about 125 000 direct jobs and over 1.4 million indirect jobs. The technologies that has emerged in the market are numerous. If we think of global trend in electronic security systems we can mention the control of traffic on public roads and highways systems, intelligent video analytics, advanced biometric identification and the concept of Digital City with the integration of records and information at the disposal of bodies competent (video images, photos, incident reports).

"The security industry is growing along with other indicators in Brazil. Economic stability, the dollar stabilized values, coupled with the evolution of information technology and communication ability to feed positively to product development and supply of electronic security services, "added Oswaldo Oggian, marketing director of ABESE.

Over the past decade, the market for Electronic Security Systems has been growing at rates averaging 13% annually, although the potential is even greater. Of a total of 6.18 million homes with the possibility of receiving monitored alarm systems, just over 11% of the total or 710 000 properties are monitored in the country, number distributed between large and small companies that market monitoring is registering significant growth over the past three years.

The technologies of intrusion alarms represent 26% of the market for Electronic Security Systems. Since the technologies of access control systems that represent 24% of the market, which include equipment identification, access cards, personal identification number and biometric devices (fingerprint, iris, voice, face and palm) are expanding and must remain so due to demand generated by the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.
Over 90% of these products are consumed by non-residential sector.

"Our market gaining more space in society to fulfill its main goals are to detect, report and inhibit criminal activities, and reserve great business opportunities and many possibilities of growth on the scenario presented above," concludes Progianti.


The International Security (Exposec), promoted by ABESE and recognized as the biggest technological showcase of the market for electronic security, reaches its 14th edition with diverse programming and venue of important issues related to market and release of last generation.
In 2010, more than 30,000 visitors, over 600 exhibitors and drive approximately $ 125 million in business. The Exposec held from 24 to 26 May 2011 at the Exhibition Center immigrants in São Paulo.

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